Welfare Kit

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It is common for first aid kits to be used on a daily basis to deal with minor accidents and incidents but this may cause the kit to be insufficiently stocked. A Welfare Kit reduces the need to access the first aid kit, which is left intact for more serious injuries and emergencies. Minor accidents such as: tiny cuts or grazes and incidents such as: contact with animal faeces or if a child has an accident in their trousers can all be dealt with using the welfare pack.

This kit has been specifically designed for outdoor play and forest schools. For dealing with frequent, very minor accidents and incidents on a daily basis in the outdoors. 

What you get in the kit:

  • 1 x Plaster pack – 100 waterproof plasters in an airtight box
  • 1 x Welfare pack which contains 1 finger stall, 4 pairs of plastic gloves, 1 pack of safety pins, 1 pair of scissors, 1 pair of tweezers and 10 alcohol free wipes.
  • Cotton wool pack in an airtight container
  • Pack of wetwipes
  • Plastic waste bag to put soiled or contaminated items or clothing
  • hand sanitizer pump action bottle 80 ml

Medium Dry bag (black) – to protect all the items with water proof material and clip seal. This bag also has room to keep spare clothing dry in case of accidents.

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