Up and Down Set

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This up and down set has been made from natural logs that are suitable for the outdoors.  Each log is unique with interesting bark and growth rings.  The logs are cut from UK grown softwood trees such as scots pine and larch from sustainably managed UK woodlands.

The set includes 5 logs: – 2 x 10cm height, 2 x 20cm height, 1 x 30 cm height.

Please note – by the very nature of softwood, naturally occurring resins may come to the surface of the wood as it seasons. Once seasoned, this process will cease.


  • Height:    2 x 10cm, 2 x 20cm, 1 x 30cm
  • Rough cut – Please note that surfaces are not sanded
  • Bark: This differs for each species and may appear different to that photographed.  These are hand harvested and patches of bark may be missing.

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