Nature’s Playground – Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield


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“Imagine the excitemement of building your own den from branches, or making little twig boat to sail across a pond, or crawling through long grass in search of tiny creatures. Playing outside was once an integral part of growing up: children's imaginations could run riot, lively activity kept them fit and healthy. Yet today fears about safety too often keep our children cooped up indoors.

Nature's Playground is packed to the brim with great games, crafts and adventures, encouraging children and their families, carers and teachers to get into the great outdoors again. Whether you live in a city or a village, whether you are a parent of one or a play leader of twenty, this book shows that there are plenty of fun things to do outside.

With activities ranging from vigorous games to natural crafts, this book is designed to take advantage of whatever nature offers throughout the year. Perhaps you'll want to make bows and arrows from saplings in spring, jump into huge leaf piles in the autumn or create ice mobiles in the winter… There are also adventures for after dark, and games to be enjoyed all year round.

Illustrated with colourful photographs of families trying out projects for themselves, Nature's Playground is all about thrilling adventures, amazing discoveries – and kids having the time of their lives in the great outdoors.”

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