Logs – Length 20cm

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Logs – 20cm length available in diameter 10-12cm – 30-34cm. Please choose your size from the drop down box.

These Logs are made from UK softwood.  Each log is 20cm long.

Each log is in its natural form and they have their bark on and sometimes they may be speckled or may have a knot in them.  They all have a different number of growth rings,  giving each piece a unique character.  The logs are made from softwood such as Scots Pine and Larch and are cut from unprocessed (no chemicals or paints) wood.

All our natural wood products are handmade from materials sourced from sustainably managed woodlands in the UK supporting local crafts people.

Please note – by the very nature of softwood, naturally occurring resins may come to the surface of the wood as it seasons. Once seasoned, this process will cease.


  • Log length 200mm
  • Made from UK soft wood

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