Folding Saw – Opinel No 120

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Opinel locking saw is perfect for cutting branches and foliage of upto 8/9 cm in diameter.  The blade has razor sharp teeth making cutting clean even and effortless.  The saw is best carried in a bag or coat pocket due to it’s size.

  • 12cm blade
  • 17cm handle made from beech
  • Sandvik stainless steel blade

The blade locks in the open position using the Virobloc safety ring.  For safety when carrying the saw in the closed position, the saw can now be locked closed using the safety ring.
The stainless steel blade, developed by Opinel, is renowned for its exceptional cutting qualities.  It requires no special maintenance.

The stainless steel in the blade has a carbon content of at least 0.40%, giving it a good cutting edge and an excellent resistance to corrosion.

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