Fire Box Set – Single

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Fantastic heavy duty fire box designed and made in England . These fire boxes have been specially designed not only for Dutch Oven cooking but they are also the perfect size and weight for camp fires, cooking and BBQ’s.

The Deluxe Bush Fire Box comes with a steel lid that can be turned upside down and used as a griddle together with a full sized grill mesh that is perfect to BBQ on or to support pots, pans, kettles etc… Made from 1.5 mm high grade steel plate with a 3 mm all round lip support, the Deluxe Bush Fire Box will safely elevate your camp fires 20cm (8 inches) off the ground allowing you to have a camp fire without digging a hole or scorching the ground. To help protect it the whole boxes is painted with heat resistant paint.

* Approx 35 x 35 cm wide

* Depth – 10 cm

* Weight 7 kg

Includes lid and grill

*Please note that fire pits generate a lot of heat and may affect the ground underneath.

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Weight 10.4 kg
Bulky Item

Made in UK

Helping to support UK industry and to reduce our carbon footprint.