Fire Box – Double

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Lid not included.  This Fire box has been designed for dutch ovens, campfire cooking, fires and barbecues.

The grill is available to buy on the website – product code FSFIR30. The metal grill fits both the small and large fire box. Please note that only one grill fits onto the large fire box – 2 grills will overlap.

It has been made in the UK from 1.5mm high grade steel plate and is painted with heat resistant paint.  It has a 3mm lip all the way round. Detachable legs allow you to elevate the fire box approx 20cm (8 inches) off the ground preventing the ground scorching.

  • Dimensions: Length and width 68cm x 35cm
  • Height of box 10cm
  • Height of box with legs folded out is 20cm
  • Made in the UK

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Made in UK

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