Drill Your Own Oval Tag Kit- Class size

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Make your own oval tag with this kit. Palm drill available in 2 sizes. Choose your palm drill from the drop down box.

The handle and drill bit of the child sized palm drill is smaller than the stubby palm drill, making it easier to use for small hands. A palm drill can be used one handed and they are light and easy to carry around.

Drill a hole in the disc using the palm drill. Sand the disc to make it smooth and thread onto some string. Keep everything together in the small cotton drawstring bag.


  • 5 Palm drills- choose from
    • Child sized: Handle length: 7cm, drill bit length: 4cm
    • Stubby: Handle length: 9cm, drill bit length: 4cm
  • 50 wooden oval discs dia 5-6cm
  • 5 sanding blocks
  • 1 small ball of string
  • Cotton drawstring bag

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