Deluxe Class Sized Den Building Kit with 10 Den Poles

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This Den Building Kit has a complete array of resources for building a number of different sized and shaped dens. This kit can be used on its own or with other kits and den building materials.

There are lots of different den covers, plenty of ground cover and mats so that you don't get wet if you sit on the ground and enough pegs, clips and carabiners for you to hang up and clip your dens together.

The kit includes the following resources

  • 10 x Den Poles (110cm long)
  • 5 x 10m and 2 x 30m lengths of poly rope
  • 6 x 1m of camo netting
  • 2 balls of string
  • 14 x 5m lengths of para cord
  • 10 assorted sizes of tarpaulins
  • 10 packs of 10 tent pegs
  • 1 Basic den cover
  •  Soft grip pegs, ball bungees, den clips, tarpaulin clips and carabiners
  •  5 mallets
  •  2 x 2m hessian
  •  2 x 2m blue netting
  • 2 camo shelters 1.5m x 3m
  • Camo netting
  • 25 sit mats and 5 Foam roll mats
  • 4 picnic rugs
  • Rainbow and organza fabric
  • a roll of gaffer tape
  • 2 clear pvc tarps (2m x 2m)
  • 10 wooden slices
  • 5 x 90l camp bags to carry it in together with some cotton bags to keep pegs and clips together.


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