DD Whoopie Slings

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DD Hammocks Whoopie Slings provide a light and adjustable suspension system for their hammock!

  • Size: 6ft
  • Colour:Black/ Grey
  • Weight:40g
  • 2 x 6ft Whoopie Slings

Whoopie slings make adjusting the ‘hang’ (height) of your hammock super quick and easy and no knots are required.  Adjustable length is roughly from 40cm to 180cm per sling giving you plenty of room to choose suitable trees.  We recommend these for use with any of our hammocks and advise a weight limit of 125kg.

Made from amsteel which is incredibly tough, hard wearing, lightweight and compact (just 2.5mm thick).

  • Made from Dyneema SK75 with Samthane Coating (very hard wearing)
  • 8 strand single braid construction
  • Size for size same strength as wire rope yet only 1/7 of the weight (outlasts wire rope in tests)
  • Flexible, easy to handle and easily field spliced

*Please note: The full name of Amsteel we use is ‘Amsteel blue’ (actual colour is black/ grey) – however to avoid confusion we’ve called it simply ‘Amsteel’ above.

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