DD Superlight Jungle Hammock Canopy

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The Jungle Hammock Canopy is an additional waterproof layer to allow the Jungle Hammock to be used as a complete bivi system on the ground with a waterproof layer above and below the hammock. It is exactly the same as the waterproof layer that comes with the DD Jungle Hammock.

By having two waterproof layers when using the DD Jungle Hammock, it gives you the option to have one underneath the hammock and one above the hammock so if you are using it on the ground you have a fully waterproof (against rain and ground water) bivi system.

The Canopy has 6, DD Tarp style, very strong attachment points, 10 velcro patches and draw cords at either end, allowing it to attach to the Jungle Hammock. This is not designed to be used as a tarp on its own but with the 6 tarp loops it can be used to make a quick ‘rest shelter’ to keep you dry while hiking or as an emergency tarp/ waterproof shelter.


  • Size: 3m x 1.4m
  • Colour: Olive Green
  • Weight: 370g

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