Class Percussion Instruments – 30 Players

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The 30 Player Class Percussion Budget Pack contains a set of 30 carefully selected percussion instruments and a copy of Andy Gleadhill's new Class Percussion Book. The book contains teacher's notes, preparation advice, warm-ups, lesson plans and six tunes from around the world and has been written for teachers from any discipline.  This resource enables a class to experience music making using accessible percussion instruments with a wide range of musical sounds from around the world and covering all the elements of music.

The 30 Player Class Budget Pack contains:

A one octave Metallophone in the key of C

A pair of bongos

A Triangle mounted on desk-top stand

2 sets of Agogo Bells

4 pairs of Maracas

A Tambourine

6 pairs of Claves (Clapsticks)

6 Guiros

5 Bento Shakers

3 M'bira thumb pianos


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