8 Djembe African Drums

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8 djembe Group African Drums together with Andy Gleadhill's acclaimed Teacher's guide and CD, based on over 20 years specialized teaching experience and specially written to help teachers and workshop leaders teach African drumming and rhythms to class-sized groups. The book is clear and practical and no previous drumming or music teaching experience is assumed. It begins with an introduction to basic playing techniques, followed by warm-up exercises and proceeds to introduce 10 African rhythms, each with teaching and learning notes and examples of how to develop them into complete pieces of music ready for performance. The accompanying CD has professionally produced performances by school children of all the African tunes and contains examples of the Call and Response patterns along with suggested arrangements.
Djembe quantities and playing head diameters are as follows:
  • 3 X 40cm – 8-9″
  • 3 X 50cm – 9-10″
  • 2 X 60cm – 10.5-11.5″

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