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The Outdoor Hub has been designed for you to easily share your ideas, activities and events with the outdoor community. You’ll find add buttons on most pages, or send comments or suggestions to share@muddyfaces.co.uk.

We believe connecting to the elements, nature and each other has incredible positive health and wellbeing benefits. We just can’t get enough of being outdoors!

“The Muddy Faces Outdoor Hub is dedicated to the amazing people who enable children to access the natural world, instilling a sense of awe and wonder about the magic of every day and creating deep connections to the natural world and each other.” Liz Edwards, founder of Muddy Faces.

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The Muddy Faces Outdoor Hub is a free and open resource that actively invites external contributions.

We strive to ensure that only contributions that demonstrate safe and best practice are posted. If you see anything that you think is not supporting this please contact us via share@muddyfaces.co.uk where we can look into the matter further.

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