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Wooden ovals available in diameter 2-3cm upto diameter 9-10cm.  Please choose your size and quantity from the drop down box.

Each oval is in its natural form and they have their bark on.  They all have a different number of growth rings,  giving each piece a unique character.  The ovals are mainly made from ash or hazel, cut from unprocessed (no chemicals or paints) wood and sometimes they may be speckled or may have a knot in them.

All our natural wood products are handmade from materials sourced from sustainably managed woodlands in the UK supporting local crafts people.


  • Oval thickness 5mm.  Available in sizes 2-3cm, 3-4cm, 4-5cm, 5-6cm,
  • Oval thickness 8mm.  Available in sizes 6-7cm, 7-8 cm, 8-9cm, 9-10cm,

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