Double Firebox – Slight Seconds

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This fire box has failed our quality control to go out as full priced product, but it is still perfectly usable.  The firebox has started to develop a rusty patina, which happens overtime following use.

This fire box has been designed for dutch ovens, campfire cooking, fires and barbecues.  Please note that the lid is not included.

It has been made in the UK from 1.5mm high grade steel plate and is painted with heat resistant paint.  It has a 3mm lip all the way round. Detachable legs allow you to elevate the fire box approx 20cm (8 inches) off the ground preventing the ground scorching.

  • Dimensions: Length and width 68cm x 35cm
  • Height of box 10cm
  • Height of box with legs folded out is 20cm
  • Made in the UK

*Please note that fire pits generate a lot of heat and may affect the ground underneath.

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Weight 7.4 kg